Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get your data?

Buyers, sellers and traders of silicon, wafers, cells and modules participate regularly in our Spot Indexes, submitting typical spot quotes. This data is checked, aggregated, averaged, and published as the Indexes. Analysts regularly check the inputs of the companies. For more information check Methodology.

Who are the participants? Why do they supply data?

Volume buyers, sellers and traders of solar components. These include many of the largest companies in the industry, from all geographies. They participate in the Indexes in order to receive the pricing results.

How often do you publish the Indexes?

The Spot Price Indexes are updated daily, although the official Bloomberg New Energy Finance Spot Index is based on weekly average quotes.

How do I become a participant?

Follow the Register Here link and enter your details. Our analyst team will check that your firm is eligible to participate, and may ask further questions. To join the Spot Index, you simply need to regularly login into this website and provide your quotes in order to receive results.

How long have the Indexes been running for?

The Silicon and Wafer Spot Indexes were launched in May 2009, and the Module Price Index in November 2010 on a monthly basis. The current daily and weekly updates have been launched in July 2011.

How do you know the data submitted is accurate?

Having both buyers and sellers as participants helps protect against deliberate attempts to manipulate the data. We also reject data points more than 50% above or below the average, as they may have been based on sparse trading or special relationships and our analysts will often follow up with enquiries.

How do I receive the Index results?

If you are a regular buyer, seller or trader of solar products, you may well be eligible to join the Indexes and should register. If you are not an industry participant, you need to purchase the Solar Insight Service, the channel for our analysis of solar demand, supply, price, technology and investment – contact Selected spot prices are also available through the Bloomberg terminal.

What else do you do?

The Indexes are a small part of the Solar Insight Service, a subscription product offering regular reports on demand, supply and price for PV modules, plus analysis of policy changes, market-moving events, and disruptive technologies. This is run by our team of analysts around the world. Access to other parts of Insight, and historical data from the Indexes, is available only through the paid service and not provided to Index data participants.