Solar Module Price Index

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Data for the Module Spot Price Index is collected once a day when participants complete the current delivery price of a particular product. A participant may only see the average price for the last three, five and 10 working days if they provide a quote on the given day. They must submit their responses once a week to view the historical weekly prices, which are published as the official Module Spot Price Index. A participant may give pricing information about any of the surveyed products in order to receive results for them all. All quotes are gathered on a company basis, whereas each company provides only one quote.

All quotes are regularly checked by Bloomberg New Energy Finance's solar sector specialists who can contact any participant for a quote clarification if a participant frequently submits data outside the defined ranges or appears to be trying to bias the final results. Each displayed quote is based on at least three data entries to create an average price. If a specific field is blank, it means that insufficient quotes were collected for that category in the selected time period.

Avoiding duplication and biased datasets

If a company has multiple participants, its quote uses the average of the values submitted by the participants. The Index uses a participant's location for the individual average price by type of participant (Europe and the Middle East, Asia and Oceania, the Americas etc) – rather than the company's average. This means that if company A has a participant in AMER and ASOC, the average price for ASOC uses the quote of the participant located in that region. If a participant submits the data daily, their average price for three, five or 10 days is taken into account. All data is collected and presented in USD.

Scarce trading and typos

To avoid too high or too low quotes due to sparce trading, or typing errors, the Index excludes all quotes more than 50% above or below the average of the period selected and calculates an average from the remaining quotes. All participants must be active in the manufacturing or procurement of any of the surveyed products and Bloomberg New Energy Finance must manually approve their participation before they may start contributing their quotes.


The results sheet shows the number of companies participating by region in the given period, a clear description of the price and the period during which the average price has been collected. To view the results, a participant must submit data at least once during that period.